Olive Leaf Kehwa Health Benefits

For the 1st time ever in Pakistan, B&B Import introducing the most precious hot drink “OLIVE LEAF KEHWA”. We pick fresh olive leaves from our own plantation of Olive Trees. These leaves are processed and packed in filter bags to give you the  healthiest drink ever. The health benefits of the precious drink are given below:

The main ingredient of Olive leaves is “OLEUROPEIN”. It is found in high concentration in olive leaves and very few traces in olive fruit. It provides various health benefits from daily direct use or indirect use in herbal medicines. The best form to consume Olive Leaves is in hot water what we call Kehwa. Following are the benefits of Olive Leaves:

Anti-Oxidant: 4x energy and power than green tea, improves health, reduces sickness, fatigue, revitalized body.

Anti-Hypertension: Reduces cholesterol, regulated blood pressure.

Anti-Inflammatory: It can prevent excess acidity in the stomach and helps curing gastritis. It also relieves stomach pain.

Anti-Microbial: Our body contains many microbes, viruses etc. When they turn active we get sick. Olive Leaves helps reducing their activity and count. Thus we regain and retain our health.

Immune System Booster: While fighting free radicals, microbial and virus activities, Olive Leaves Kahwa helps in boosting immune system. The overall strength of the immunity is increased. The body becomes more able to fight germs and bacteria Therefore, with better healthy immune system we feel healthy.

Anti-Aging: It helps skin health eliminating many skin weaknesses with age, wrinkles etc. Therefore, with all healthy signs in body, the skin starts glowing. Therefore, we look younger.

Weight Loss: It helps in digesting food, improves stomach health reduces weight regulates fat. Therefore, our body retains healthy weight.

Regulates Blood Sugar: It is effective in lowering blood sugar levels. Blood sugar has become a common problem in many people and its effects are disastrous to the body. Olive leaves helps in regulating blood sugar. Thus body does not develop excess fat, blood sugar etc.

Eliminates Free Radicals: Free radicals cause considerable harm to the body. Olive Leaves neutralizes free radicals and increases production of healthy cells. This prevents ageing and also cancer to some extent Olive Leaf Kehwa is not a medicine. It’s a Kehwa made from fresh Olive leaves. Its health benefits are well known. When consumed twice a day for couple of months to a year its benefits start showing healthy signs. We wish all to live a healthy life hence, Olive Leaf Kehwa is introduced.